CG CHOICE AWARD – Gallery Statistic

I’m a frequent reader at Their CG CHOICE AWARD  Gallery is always a great place for inspiration. Since I’m into automotive visualization I’m really interested in the development of the quality of the posted pictures and the judgement by the viewers.

So lets start a little statistic that maybe can answer the following questions:

  • How many automotive related image-posts won the CG Choice Award each year?
  • What type of automotive related images won the CG Choice Award?
  • What about the quality of the images?
  • Did the overall quality of the images changed from year to year?

In the following posts I will try to collect all the images that won the CG-Choice Award in the 3D section and that have an automotive related topic. I will cluster them according to their posting year on CG-Talk.

So lets see what we will get and  let the games begin!

I’ve just noticed a FAQ that answers the question: How is an image chosen for the CG Choice Award?

How is an image chosen for the CG Choice Award?

An image is selected as a Choice Candidate if:
– It has an average 3 star rating and…
– Has over 1000 views to it

From there, it is put into queue for Gallery Administrators to vote on. If the Gallery Administrators vote for it to be included in the CG Choice Gallery, it is then added, the artist notified and award-winning status given.

Note that a Front Page Plug does NOT constitute a CG Choice Award. All images must go through the same rigorous judging process before it is awarded.


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