CG CHOICE AWARD – Statistic Overview

The collected Information from the former posts where combined into one overview chart. The chart shows the CG Choice Award Statistic for Automotive Pictures form the year 2002 – 2008 which where awarded in the CG CHoice Gallery: 3D.

The chart illustrates a clear trend for the rating of awarded pictures with an automotive background. There are less images with an automotive theme awarded each year for the CG Choice Award @ CGTalk.

It would be interesting to analyse the occurrence of other thematic pictures within the CG Choice Award Gallery. To really judge the shown results one should analyse the overall awarded images. It is also important to note that the awarded images are picked from the overall Showcase Gallery: 3D Stills at CGTalk. A coherence between posted 3D Stills and awarded 3D Stills would also be a very interesting evaluation.


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