Pollinate Chain Reaction by Belief Design from 2004

Again something timeless. The movie Pollinate Chain Reaction is a documentation, inspiration and a creative peace of film produced by Mike Goedecke and Kane Roberts at Belief Design. The movie contains many great tips how to maximize your creative potential, how to change you point of view, how to become free in mind when digging for new ideas, how to solve problems to satisfy your clients.

Thanks to Gordon who send me the video. The authors show for example where great commercials got their inspiration from. They quote Einstein, Voltaire and Oscar Wilde just to name some. The film also shows a lot of statements and suggestions in plain viewable words. That’s why I’ve created a still image from all relevant frames that occur in the movie. So take a look for yourself and jump directly to the relevant part. A time frame is encoded in each segment of the image. Click on the image below to open the high-res version with 6400×3416 pixels and give the 5 MB file some time to load. There you can see all the relevant images, read all quotes, hints and exercises.


The Video is available at googlevideo , vimeo, myspace … so if you haven’t seen it yet in the last 5 years since it is available …. watch it now for yourself. But be warned it will take over 40 minutes.


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