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Zamzar – Free online File Conversion

September 22, 2009

Here is a nifty service that converts what ever document format into a wanted format. A Great tool for online video conversion without waisting bandwith and system resources on your side.


try it for yourself @

A list of possible video types and formats follows after the break:



creativeCrash a merge of Highend3D & fxshare

September 12, 2009

The title says it all. fxshare and highend3d merged to the new social/business networking side CreativeCrash.


Normality for Adobe After Effects

September 12, 2009

Stefan Minning developed a Plugin for After effects that allows the relighting of CG objects within AE.

Download it @

myFontbook: a web-based Font Viewer

September 12, 2009

I like the idea of bowser based applications and here we have a font viewer that allows browsing my fonts within my web browser.


The features at the moment are:

  • Font Viewer
  • Tags & Favorites
  • List & Swatch Views
  • Glyphs
  • Body Text
  • Sample Text
  • Metrics
  • Nothing to Install
  • Fast Font Rendering

Test it for yourself @

in House Render Manager

September 12, 2009

There is a blog post in the molecule vfx blog. Very interesting for the end user is the graphical user interface that is node based and written in Flash AS3.


Read more @

Ivy Generator by Thomas Luft

March 25, 2009

I’ve just stumbled across a little application that allows the creation and growing of ivy on virtual objects. The Ivy Generator is standalone and is released under GNU licence so its free for commercial and non-commercial work. A video tutorial for the application can be found at



CG Community Survey: Upgrades 09

March 5, 2009

CGenie did a survey about 3D DCC Applications. Now they present the results with statistics, user comments and a basic analysis

The survey may suggest that the users are more happy with apps like Blender or Houdini rather then with the big players like Maya or 3DS Max but there is a statement at the end of the analysis that is of some value…

“….The fact that the smaller, more nimble companies have more happy users is nothing that should surprise people as the users will feel closer and more important in the community than in the larger, more established companies where you can feel forgotten or overwhelmed in the mass.” source @ CGenie

Workflow Management

February 20, 2009

There is a new visual workflow manager announced from GridIron. The actuel BETA program only offers mac users the ability to test the product. The concept looks promising and if it is available for windows and linux I will give it a try.


Gamma correction in Maya

February 14, 2009

While writing about the hdrilightstudio application one post before, I found the 3dLight blog from Andrew Weidenhammer. One post caught my attention: Gamma Tools 1.0

This Maya script offers the inserting and removing of gamma nodes. If you are working in an linear workflow this might be helpfull. For all those not familiar with a linear workflow he also descripses it pretty simple here: Linear Workflow Addition 1

Create HDR Studio images

February 14, 2009 offers an application that lets you create an latitude-longitude hdr image for hdri lighting with an easy drag’n drop gui. the resulting hdri image can be used in any visualization application that can handle hdr images.

As an CG artist myself I don’t need such a solution at a first view, because I can create my ow lighting setup with self illuminating softboxes in my 3D package… BUT it could be usefull for fast production shots or realtime applications that use HDRIs as reflection maps.

What I realy like after screening the product homepage are the collored lines that help to orientate between the latitude-longitude space and the resulting image-space in the rendering.