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Round 6 by Snowball Studios

March 8, 2010

Some guys from Snowball Studios did it: they produced a full CG short movie in 18 month within their spare time. The result is a cool looking 3:20 short that could open some doors into the gaming industry. The shader legend Master Zap says: Great Work. And yep, he’s right and whats also great ist the Round 6 production blog where they focus on shading, animation and how they put the whole thing together. Here is the contact sheet for Round 6.


Red Bull F1 “Rip Through The Rule Book” by AixSponza

March 28, 2009

CG animation and formula one the second….
The german company AixSponza specialized in creating moving content has again developed a nice animation for Red Bull Racing to promote their new RB5 formula one racing car.


They also describe the changes to the racing rules like wider front and smaller rear spoiler, slicks and engine. It’s a classical playing with CG elements like:

  • car parts fly together to form the car
  • transformer like modifications on the body parts of the RB5
  • dynamic racing scenes

So nothing really new but nice to watch. It seems that they could reuse some of the CG elements which they created for Red Bull F1 “Let’s Do A Lap”.
I’ve embedded the video from vimeo. You can also directly watch it on the AixSponza homepage. I’ve also included the animation AixSponza did for the Singapore night race last year. (more…)

Formula One Promotion Video by Kotoc

March 27, 2009

The guys from Kotoc did a great formula one promotion teaser for the Spanish TV station lasexta. They put the formula one into a future far, far away from now. Formula one cars fly like pod racer from Star Wars. They fly, they fight, they shoot… But they still have the look of actual formula one cars … just without tires and pimped with turbines.


And here we have it again the pollinate chain reaction that Michel Gondry described with the words:

You see one object
which makes you
think of another
the two together is an idea

For my personal taste the campaign would have been also great without the shooting….

I’ve embedded all the available videos from the campaign within this post. Have fun watching it …. (more…)

Ivy Generator by Thomas Luft

March 25, 2009

I’ve just stumbled across a little application that allows the creation and growing of ivy on virtual objects. The Ivy Generator is standalone and is released under GNU licence so its free for commercial and non-commercial work. A video tutorial for the application can be found at



Video: Mac vs PC

February 17, 2009

just found a funny nice video about a great fight between mac and PC… oh and I wouldn’t post it here, if there wasn’t any CG related stuff in it.

The video consists of real footage combined with CG elements of a mac-robot and a PC-robot fighting each other. The tracking seems a little bit of especially when the robots walk. Also the interaction between CG elements and real world objects isn’t perfect … but at the end simple mass will strike back