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6 inspiring CG Car styles

February 17, 2010

It’s been a while that I’ve found the time to post here. But I have to freeze this collection for myself. It’s not a collection like the 101 Super Realistic CG Vehicles from CGTuts+… but in my opinion less is more. So here we go:

Camaro 2010, Tamás Tóthfalussy (3D)

Camaro 2010, Tamás Tóthfalussy (3D)

Old car, Andrey Klimov (3D)

 Old car, Andrey Klimov (3D)

Fillmore Cars!!!, Ricardo Mansilha (3D)

Stylised 68 Firebird, Christophe Desse (3D)

Chevrolet Camaro, Dmitriy Gusev (3D)

Saltlake, Michael Tschernjajew (3D)


6 Technical Perfect Motorcycle Renderings from CGTalk

September 16, 2009

Here is a collection of some technical perfect motor-cycle renderings that can be found on CGTalk. Click each thumbnail to jump directly to the full resolution image and to find more information about each work.


CG Car images for your inspiration

September 15, 2009

Since doesn’t allow image links for some time… I have to do it the old way and crop and link these interesting images by myself. Click on each of the thumbnails to jump directly to the sepcific CGTalk thread to see the fullres image…


High Quality Stuff from Suurland

June 27, 2009

Thomas Suurland, a cg-artist specialized in automotive visualizations, showed some great talent over the last years.
He now updated his online portfolio with stunning images that he created for Peugeot. The Interior shots are from a visual quality you will not see very often. Perspective, light, materials and the overall look are just really nice composed.

Photon by Pedro Fernandes Santos

March 6, 2009

I just saw this nice design of a futuristic concept bike by Pedro Fernandes Santos. The overall look of his creation reminds me of the future concept style from Cosmic Motors by Daniel Simon. Take a look and judge for yourself at CGTalk.

There are some facts that I don’t like on this creation, like the seat, tires, the used reflection style… but lets face it: the overall look is nice!

Thirst by Steve Barrett

March 6, 2009

I really like what Steve Barrett has created and just published at CGTalk. A screaming face with black fluid dripping out of his mouth. Grotesque and simple but beautyful. A nightmare figure from his childhood.

Click the image for the discussion on CGTalk and take a look at the full resolution version.