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Round 6 by Snowball Studios

March 8, 2010

Some guys from Snowball Studios did it: they produced a full CG short movie in 18 month within their spare time. The result is a cool looking 3:20 short that could open some doors into the gaming industry. The shader legend Master Zap says: Great Work. And yep, he’s right and whats also great ist the Round 6 production blog where they focus on shading, animation and how they put the whole thing together. Here is the contact sheet for Round 6.


Studio Lighting by Ken Henderson

March 25, 2009

There are some video tutorials from Ken Henderson about studio lighting hosted at youtube. Ken Henderson gives some timeless information about studio photography, the use of light and shadows.
There are eight video parts with an overall of 70 minutes of demonstration and discussion.


For some background information about Ken Hennson visit his flickr profile.
I’ve embedded the videos so you can directly watch them …

Ivy Generator by Thomas Luft

March 25, 2009

I’ve just stumbled across a little application that allows the creation and growing of ivy on virtual objects. The Ivy Generator is standalone and is released under GNU licence so its free for commercial and non-commercial work. A video tutorial for the application can be found at



3DS Max Tutorials – Using the Production Shaders in Mental Ray

March 5, 2009

MasterZap wrote about the production shaders a while ago at his blog @ and now Dave3D from DMMultimedia is writing some tutorials about the Production Shaders for Mental Ray. In this special Case he uses 3DS Max, but the functionality should also be given within Maya. The first two tutorials can be found here:

i3D – Using Subsurface Scattering Shaders

February 15, 2009

The guys from offer a new free video tutorial about subsurface scattering and Mental Ray. The tutorial is produced in XSI but it should also be helpfull for other applications that use Mental Ray as render engine.
The tutorial is hosted @ It is part of the i3D product Introduction to the Render Tree.


February 14, 2009

in this video @ gnomonology, christophe desse show his workflow for the creation of a realy nice sketch and cell rendering in maya 2009. From setting up shaders and rendering in maya , he also shows the compositing and post process  in photoshop.

Video Tutorial: Rendering for Animation with Final Gathering by i3dTutorials

February 13, 2009

In this video taken from our “Rendering with SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.I: mental ray” training product, the guys from i3dTutorials will get to see how to properly setup an architectural scene in preparation for camera animation using mental ray and Final Gathering in XSI and MentalRay.

watch the Video @ Rendering for Animation with Final Gathering

New Video Tutorials by Digital Tutors

February 8, 2009

Digital Tutors offers two new lectures for Max and Maya.

Motorcycle Modeling Techniques in 3ds Max

Introduction to mental ray in Maya 2009