myFontbook: a web-based Font Viewer

September 12, 2009

I like the idea of bowser based applications and here we have a font viewer that allows browsing my fonts within my web browser.


The features at the moment are:

  • Font Viewer
  • Tags & Favorites
  • List & Swatch Views
  • Glyphs
  • Body Text
  • Sample Text
  • Metrics
  • Nothing to Install
  • Fast Font Rendering

Test it for yourself @


in House Render Manager

September 12, 2009

There is a blog post in the molecule vfx blog. Very interesting for the end user is the graphical user interface that is node based and written in Flash AS3.


Read more @

High Data Compression for Polygon Meshes

September 12, 2009

Even if I and my teammades  don’t have a problem with storing and handling huge polygon data sets for our visualizatio tasks, it is nice to see, that there are improvements in data compression in the field of polygon data structures.

Stanford Bunny Compression Result

Stanford Bunny Compression Result

More Information @

High Quality Stuff from Suurland

June 27, 2009

Thomas Suurland, a cg-artist specialized in automotive visualizations, showed some great talent over the last years.
He now updated his online portfolio with stunning images that he created for Peugeot. The Interior shots are from a visual quality you will not see very often. Perspective, light, materials and the overall look are just really nice composed.

Google Chrome – Interactive Reaction

June 14, 2009

Google released the chrome browser and with this new application they run an information and add campaign titled as Google Chrome Shorts project.

The creative agency Imaginary Forces was invited to participate in the Google Chrome Shorts project.

Interactive Reaction 2009

With their short film they try to answers the question: What would the Internet look like if represented as a 3-Dimensional object? Observed as if in a museum, the object comes to life revealing the ins and outs of what Google Chrome has to offer.

The animation aims the look of a handheld camera. The google chrome logo itself is used as an information source and presentation medium. See the Interactive Reaction video on youtube.

War Zone – World made of words

May 8, 2009

The Hamburg agency optixdigital did a nice commercial where a world is build just with words. They show a battle field with helicopters, tanks, bombs and explosion… just by using words.

They label the add with the following words: “The global econnomy is a battlefield only who knows the language, will come on top!”


Watch the video at

It would be nice to see how they would create a world just with words where love, peace and harmony are the main facts…

Five Views to See the World

April 22, 2009

There is one map of the world we all know… the map that shows the geographic constrains of our earth …. but there are more point of views that lead to new maps of our world… See the ad for the Brasileiros Magazine: NEW WORLDS

Brasileiros Magazine NEW WORLDS

Red Bull F1 “Rip Through The Rule Book” by AixSponza

March 28, 2009

CG animation and formula one the second….
The german company AixSponza specialized in creating moving content has again developed a nice animation for Red Bull Racing to promote their new RB5 formula one racing car.


They also describe the changes to the racing rules like wider front and smaller rear spoiler, slicks and engine. It’s a classical playing with CG elements like:

  • car parts fly together to form the car
  • transformer like modifications on the body parts of the RB5
  • dynamic racing scenes

So nothing really new but nice to watch. It seems that they could reuse some of the CG elements which they created for Red Bull F1 “Let’s Do A Lap”.
I’ve embedded the video from vimeo. You can also directly watch it on the AixSponza homepage. I’ve also included the animation AixSponza did for the Singapore night race last year. Read the rest of this entry »

Formula One Promotion Video by Kotoc

March 27, 2009

The guys from Kotoc did a great formula one promotion teaser for the Spanish TV station lasexta. They put the formula one into a future far, far away from now. Formula one cars fly like pod racer from Star Wars. They fly, they fight, they shoot… But they still have the look of actual formula one cars … just without tires and pimped with turbines.


And here we have it again the pollinate chain reaction that Michel Gondry described with the words:

You see one object
which makes you
think of another
the two together is an idea

For my personal taste the campaign would have been also great without the shooting….

I’ve embedded all the available videos from the campaign within this post. Have fun watching it …. Read the rest of this entry »

Pollinate Chain Reaction by Belief Design from 2004

March 27, 2009

Again something timeless. The movie Pollinate Chain Reaction is a documentation, inspiration and a creative peace of film produced by Mike Goedecke and Kane Roberts at Belief Design. The movie contains many great tips how to maximize your creative potential, how to change you point of view, how to become free in mind when digging for new ideas, how to solve problems to satisfy your clients.

Thanks to Gordon who send me the video. The authors show for example where great commercials got their inspiration from. They quote Einstein, Voltaire and Oscar Wilde just to name some. The film also shows a lot of statements and suggestions in plain viewable words. That’s why I’ve created a still image from all relevant frames that occur in the movie. So take a look for yourself and jump directly to the relevant part. A time frame is encoded in each segment of the image. Click on the image below to open the high-res version with 6400×3416 pixels and give the 5 MB file some time to load. There you can see all the relevant images, read all quotes, hints and exercises.


The Video is available at googlevideo , vimeo, myspace … so if you haven’t seen it yet in the last 5 years since it is available …. watch it now for yourself. But be warned it will take over 40 minutes.